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E Millions 150


Buy a 150 syndicated E Millions Ticket for 300 times the chance of winning big!!!

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E Millions


A syndicate is a group of people who play a lottery game together, allowing them to buy a number of tickets at a shared cost with an agreement to split any prizes won. A E Millions syndicate may be made up of work colleagues, friends or family members, but the goal is the same – to join forces for a better chance of winning prizes.

Playing E Millions as part of a syndicate boosts your chances of winning a prize because, thanks to the greater purchasing power, you own a share of a larger number of tickets than you would normally have if you played by yourself. Any prizes won are shared between the members of the syndicate, which means that several people can all become big winners in one go!

With our E Millions 150 Ticket you have 300 chances of winning BIG every month for just 39 pounds!!!

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